La Frambuesa Azul

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Wayuu Mochila bags are intricate in their design and can take up to 20 days to weave, depending on detail, design and color variety. Every one is unique - the design and colors the vision of the weaver. Each is a true labor of love! 

Handwoven in La Guajira, Colombia by the Wayuu people. One-Of-A-KindFair Trade, & Certified Wayuu Authentic Art.

Leather is applied locally in small batches in the Dallas Fort Worth area. *Please note leather application is done on a bag by bag basis and will vary slightly from what you see pictured. Each mochila and its leather is unique, as all hides vary in pigment, texture and blemish. 

  • Type: One Strand Bucket Bag Purse with drawstring and two pompoms
  • Mochila Height/Diameter: appx. 11in/ 8in
  • Mochila material: Acrylic & Cotton
  • Leather: Black
  • Hardware: Nickel
  • Colors: Blue/Magenta/Yellow/Black
  • Sew Thread Color: Black
  • Fringe: Fringe is handcut // High movement :)
  • Strap Length: 30 inches from ring to ring

May it travel with you on all your adventures!! xo